Finance Jobs in Mumbai and New Delhi

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During the past few years, India has produced an elite human resource pool specializing in economic training and finance jobs. The result has been an increase in finance jobs and strong demand for technological expertise. Finance jobs in New Delhi and Mumbai have grown at an exponential rate since economic barriers have been defeated to allow economic development and technological innovation.

This financial jobs growth stems from significant growth in the business financial sector. Finance jobs in India such as foreign exchange, financial administration, credit marketing, and online financial services are a few of the opportunities s gaining ground in this economically fertile country. Recruiting from various professional finance and management institutes, India is quickly becoming the premier country to seek human resource talent.

Some of the finance jobs in Mumbai that are in high demand include director of finance, financial analyst, and corporate financial consultant. As a director of finance you will be providing much needed human resource advice and guidance to the senior administrative officer, who will base their policy decisions on your valued opinion and expertise.

You will also play an important role in creating and carrying out the annual budget of your company. This role requires you to keep accurate accounting records and to put together reports for various departments at your company. This is an excellent finance job in Mumbai and creates a clear path for career advancement.

Financial analyst is also a great position which offers career advancement and technological experience. Knowledge of capital markets and derivatives is a required and maintenance of client websites and portals are an essential duty. As a corporate financial consultant you will get to know your clients financial needs and tend to them. You will also be responsible for fundraising and financial structuring. These finance jobs in Mumbai are excellent opportunities to enhance your skill and advance your career.

General accounting and corporate sales managers are premier finance jobs in New Delhi that is in high demand and offer great experience in the finance jobs sector. In general accounting, fixed asset accounting and reconciliation are skills that are required for this profession as well as the posting journal entries are a few of the tasks asked of you on this excellent finance job in India. This is a fantastic finance job opportunity for those who love numbers and people. Another finance job in New Delhi that provides excellent growth opportunity is a corporate sales manager.

At this finance job the sales manager is responsible for the achievement of the overall sales goals of the company. Projecting annual sales, tracking sales performance, and managing the company’s sales force is some of the responsibilities that come with this position. These premier finance jobs in New Delhi offer great opportunities with exceptional pay.

Finance jobs in India are on a rise and are competing on the highest levels of the global marketplace. Finance jobs in Mumbai and New Delhi is available for well trained qualified applicants who are ready to earn. The next premier human resource pool of talent is thriving and finance jobs in India have gained international recognition.

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Finance Jobs in Mumbai and New Delhi

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Finance Jobs in Mumbai and New Delhi

This article was published on 2012/02/03