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With the Financial and socioeconomic breakdown within our current paradigm in full force and effect, the masses are in a state of complete isolation and so many are afraid to take any sort of perceived financial R.I.S.K. This can lead to missed opportunities, a continued reliance on the old school Financial Planner or Broker and an overall sense that the markets are hopeless.

We must understand that this is completely counter-intuitive to building a new network of friends and colleagues in order to uncover the hidden truths within our society that keep us shackled. There is an awakening and movement going on in the internet with respect to building teams of mentors and entrepreneurs to position ourselves on the internet by harnessing and embracing their Real Intelligence Seeking Knowledge.

With government constraints and control becoming more oppressive and manipulative with each passing secretive bill in Congress, the internet and its capabilities of exchanging of vast amounts of information through social media networks is once again allowing freedom groups and entrepreneurs to awaken in Free Enterprise again.

Risk, is the one buzz word in our financial system that is so misunderstood and abused in its context that we must look deeper to uncover what Risk really is and what it isn't.

Most of us have a pre determined Risk Tolerance, which simply means a threshold to investing and the monetary concessions we are willing to put into a given investment. The perceived Risk is usually a function of the marketing ploys implemented by the big trading houses such as an AIG or Price Waterhouse that have the large Advertising budgets to entrap people with their emotions to buy into their investment ideas and advice.

In reality, the real Risk is taking the advice of so called "paper gurus" and money managers as most of them have absolutely no "skin in the game" of trading their own accounts, rather taking your hard earned money and making their commissions whether or not you make money or not. People get "emotionally attached" to a hot tip instead of taking the time to empower themselves with real, tangible investment methods outside the mainstream media that are not manipulated and controlled.

All people have a real thirst and knowledge for steadfast financial advice but have no idea who to trust with all the hype and circumstance surrounding the bailouts and our total Wall Street Collapse.

We all inherently have a yearning to learn these concepts that can aid in a good risk-reward ratio investment because it's just your Intelligence seeking knowledge to make informed financial decisions. Financial concerns continue to be the number one cause of divorce and family issues. This has led to an epidemic of mistrust in our current paradigm. All of society is eager to find alternatives to the abused financial system of big government control.

There are some concrete steps we can take in order to turn this boat around to tangible advice for real wealth accumulation through non conventional means. First and foremost, it's about self empowerment through the wide array of internet searches and options that were once just not available without paying thousands of dollars to a planner or advisor.

With social media and Google searches it is now possible to access all the data you could want to train yourself to new ideas and advice. There are many coaching and mentorship programs now available as the exact antithesis to the old school methods of advice. The real Risk lies in entrusting and advisor or planner backed by securities, money under management or stock and mutual fund trading as there is just not the trust level anymore, and there continues to be a proven track record of financial breakdown within this system.

We can also do our due diligence in turning to real, tangible investment such as commodities, as an alternative due to the leveraging power of options trading. Commodities are and have always been a viable option to paper manipulated stocks due to their liquidity (easy round turn in and out of the trade) and proven track record of charting and technical analysis. Real Estate can be a very lucrative cash cow but again we must look at such alternatives as Foreclosure properties for flipping, investment properties to gain and realize residual income and Short sale opportunities whereby banks are willing to take substantial discounts prior to foreclosure proceedings to save on court costs.

The real R.I.S.K lies within not entrusting our intuitions and seeking out knowledge that is not in the mainstream, manipulated stock and equity markets. Whenever we hear about a "hot tip" from our Broker we tend to use our instant gratification reflex instead of seeking out and researching other alternatives that are lasting wealth creation tactics. Real Intelligence Seeking Knowledge will become our catalyst for money management, self empowerment and calculated investments moving out of this current financial paradigm. If we are educated and positioned properly within our new structure of free enterprise wealth creation we will be well on our way to firing our BROKE'r forever?

Every wonder why they decided to call them BROKE'rs, doesn't make me feel real comfortable giving them my money, how about you?

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RISK - Real Intelligence Seeking Knowledge

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This article was published on 2010/03/31